Medicine – my story

To give some context to this article, I am a graduate in Chemical Engineering and currently working as a Technical Engineer. During my reading as an undergraduate, I was double minded to the idea of either pursuing engineering as a career or to take a leap of faith in pursuing medicine. With better judgement and a whole lot of work experience. I applied for Graduate Entry Medicine in October, 2018. 

Slowly, slowly month by month, all my option ended in rejection. After, my last rejection (University of Southampton), I felt a sense of relieve that I was rejected partly because my UKCAT score was on the high 500’s and built a false hope that I will get an interview and secondly, I needed to build on my experience within the healthcare setting for a longer period of time to show a sense of commitment.

I will be applying to Medicine again and this time I need to be extremely strategic. I need to work on my weaknesses such as Verbal and Quantitative reasoning.

I guess this is my confession of my failure and plan to try again and hope to succeed. 

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I am a writer and a graduate engineer working in Leicester, UK.

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