Flywheel Initiative

I initially came across Jim Collin in a podcast interview hosted by Tim Ferris in the episode of Jim Collins – A Rare interview with a reclusive Polymath. Jim Collins is a socratic advisor to leaders in business and social sectors. His recent book turning the flywheel which expands on the idea of flywheel principle.

A flywheel is a heavy wheel that takes enormous amount of effort to push. Keep pushing and allow the flywheel to build momentum. In the eventuality of this momentum, the flywheel begins to turn itself and is able to generate its own momentum.

Applying Flywheel principle

The flywheel initiative is the ability of an individual to create multiple self-loop initiatives or opportunities which feeds into the flywheel in order to help build momentum. For example, when starting a small business you tend to add initiatives or opportunities to grow that business. This is called feeding the ‘wheel‘. In the eventuality of success the wheel gains momentum and runs itself. A well known example is Amazon who has harnessed the flywheel effect to feed its momentum machine.

Here’s my flywheel:

My blog channel is a direct result of my initiative and hardwork that I put in each week. Page reviews, likes, dislikes, comments and the research I put into my blog posts all feed into my flywheel initiative. So, with the continuous feeding of my flywheel, I position myself to build my own momentum machine.

On reflection, I do believe my flywheel is missing facet’s that can further the momentum of my machine but, that’s something I can work on and improve. However, I do believe this could be an excellent principle for anyone to apply in their own endeavours. It is imperative to understand the scope of building something sustainable requires time, initiative and correct opportunities. But, the moral of the message is ‘get your flywheel rolling and keep feeding you momentum machine‘.

So guys, check out the author Jim Collins and his book Turning the flywheel and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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