What are you accountable for?

Accountability is an important part of our lives that we can never ignore. We find ourselves being accountable for the smallest things like paying bills to stuff that matters most to us like taking care of our parents or children. And in the realm of it all, when we decide to take accountability for stuff that matters most to us, we hold within ourselves a motivational arsenal.

And the same can be said when you start a new venture or take up the courage to learn a new skill. Initially, I never took any interest in coding during my schooling years. This interest of mine began after I graduated while working I would use my lunchtime as a means to learn coding at my desk. In my pursuit to hone my learning, I decided to actively use Udemy to get better with my python coding skill because building a foundation was a critical step in getting acquainted with various other languages.

I now exercise the concept of batching in my standard week to allocate two days of the week learning new skills such as AutoCAD (Udemy) and JavaScript(Youtube). If you’re in pursuit to hone a skill or to learn something new take accountability for your actions. In your attempt to build consistency, you create a natural motivational factor or mindset that makes it possible for you to attempt new projects.

Speaking of accountability, I would very much like to end this post with the whole ordeal that’s happening around us – a global pandemic of COVID-19. We should take accountability to protect ourselves and the people around us. If you are suffering from any symptom, please isolate yourself from the general public for 14 days. Please follow the guidelines suggested by the NHS to take precautionary measures. I hope you guys stay safe 🙂

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I am a writer and a graduate engineer working in Leicester, UK.

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