Habits – Why we love it!

Habits – don’t we just love them? Fundamentally, it’s considered to be the most boring course of action you take in your daily routine. But that’s exactly the point, in the article Mastering Boring Fundamentals written by James Stuber.

He expresses that our boring fundamentals (BF) include:

  1. Sleeping 8 hour a night
  2. Exercising regularly
  3. Reading books
  4. Practicing learning
  5. Eating healthy

Being consistent with our own boring fundamentals can help us advance in any endeavours we set our mind to. However, the repetitive nature of practicing our boring fundamentals can be tedious and mundane. It disconnects you from the positive outlook you had about that goal, which evidently results in a plateau.

So, how do we overcome such plateau? It’s important to realise that having a (right-off) day or taking time out to recuperate from the rigours of being consistent is acceptable. But, having the right mind set and building a system around your boring fundamentals can help you improve each day. More about systematising in next week’s blog. So if you guys have any boring fundamentals, let me know in the comments below.