A superhuman skill

Coming across this short and enterprising read, Tynan introduces Superhuman social skills to express his views on building a better social norm that enable readers to not only hone their social skills, but to create an incredible social circle.

Initially, I was skeptical to read this book because I knew it would highlight elements of vast improvement. Nevertheless, keeping an open mind I began to unfold various concepts and meaning behind it.

Tynan indulges the reader into the concept of four main communication channels.

  1. Content channel – refers to the idea of what we think of when we talk about communication superficially. For instances, you’re going to a grocery story, the content channel is simply telling me that you’re going to the grocery store.
  2. Meta channel – is the undercurrent of the conversation. It’s the meaning behind the meaning. For instances, you’re going to the grocery store to acquire ingredients to make cookies. It is considered as the main channel because it’s where real discussions take place.
  3. Emotion channel – indicates a passive signal than an active one. It depends on the tone and cadences.
  4. Status channel – is constantly sending out clues about our relative status.

A master of communication must be able to have two major conversations (content and meta), while maintaining two minor communications (emotion and status).

The underlying meaning of this information is to highlight a very important skill that a lot of us take for granted and most of us are not aware – the art of story telling. When engaging an audience with a story one must have three primary phases in order: the setup, the buildup, and the payoff and most importantly, a repertoire of good stories that conveys what makes you interesting and worth knowing.

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