Next Chapter – Emerson

Since my last blog post, it can be made clear my consistency level have not been to the highest level. But, that doesn’t matter anyway because we can hit a rewind and start again…

When writing these blog posts, I often find myself in a writer’s block – spending hours coming up with few bits and then deleting it off. I sit like a lemon staring at my screen for hours, procrastinating looking at random videos to eventually start writing.

In July, 2019, I began my role as a Graduate Engineer for a company called Emerson Automation.

I think the introduction of my section will probably entail what I call to be an overview of how I got my place at Emerson. The job interview consisted of the following: Telephone interview which expanded upon basic behavioural competency questions. This was quiet standard and was expected. Assessment day in March, 2019 expanded on different aspects such as a technical presentation on IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things which was structured around the recent advances made by Emerson in their Automation technology called Plantweb. The presentation further led to a technical and non-technical questions and then ended up with a group exercise.

Comes July, I am being shipped off to Romania with 4 other graduates. A time of my life – meeting new people, finding the love of my life (Dacia Logan) 😉 and obviously, work training during the weekdays. Now the weekends were another story – travelling to different parts of Romania like Sighisoara (world heritage site), Brasov, Bucharest, Lake Tarnita, Cheile Turzii and Rimetea. I couldn’t believe 9 weeks came and went with the snap of a finger.

4th of October, I’ve returned to the gloomy weather of UK. Did I miss UK? Probably not, reality hits you hard when you start a 9-5 job. Life! Now, as I progress into my role, equipped with bucket loads of information that is completely pointless at this moment. My graduate program has been subject to a rotation system. I am looking forward to this and hope to spend the next two years earning that dollar $.

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I am a writer and a graduate engineer working in Leicester, UK.

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