5 step exercise for building confidence

Over the years, I’ve become a lot more confident – at an early age I couldn’t distinguish the difference between being overly confident or simple being self-confident. However, this changed as I progressed in life with many of my experiences I finally learnt to see the difference gradually. Coming across this book called – ‘The Magic of Thinking Big‘ written by David J.Schwartz. He educates us on how to build confidence and overcome our fears through action.

I thoroughly enjoyed this particular book for various reasons, but the one key element I wanted to share in this post is called the ‘Five confidence building exercise’.

What are the five confidence building exercise?

  • Be a front seater
  • Practice making an eye contact with the individual you’re speaking to – The reason for this as suggested by the author: Failure to make eye contact says one of two things. It may say, “I feel weak beside you. I feel inferior to you. I’m afraid of you.” Or avoiding another person’s eyes may say, “I feel guilty. I’ve done something or I’ve thought something that I don’t want you to know.
  • Walk 25% faster – Psychologists link slovenly posture and sluggish walking to unpleasant attitudes towards oneself, work, and the people around us.
  • Practice speaking up
  • Smile big

The one I resonate with the most is ‘speaking up’ – during my undergraduate year I knew I wanted to improve my skill of ‘public speaking’. Hence, I decided to become a Student Ambassador. However, the level of exposure I was given to speak in front of a large audience was very limited. And over time, the more I did this through my three years, the more confident I became, to the point that I was elected as a student representative during my postgraduate year. This gave me added responsibilities of presenting in meetings, speaking to my cohort on a weekly basis. I now continue to train my ‘speak up‘ muscle at any chance I get whether it be meetings, training sessions at work. Had I not been practicing this I don’t think I would have the confidence to start blogging.

So the aim of this blog is to find what you’re struggling with and practice to put yourself out there, create steps to tackle your struggles and in the process of it enjoy your new heights of confidence.

So check out the book – The Magic of Thinking Big

PS. I have also done a book review highlighting four key messages I enjoyed from the book on my Youtube channel.

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