Pay yourself first

Coming across ‘I will teach you to be rich‘ by Ramit Sethi, the author talks about the importance of paying yourself first. Without going much into detail, the basic idea was saving 10-15% of salary-based income into saving accounts and investments. As much as I liked the idea of ‘Paying yourself first’ I wondered if I could apply this ideology into other facets of my life.

How I have applied ‘Pay myself first’ principle?

My Examples:

  1. I ‘pay myself first‘ by investing in knowledge and that’s why I invest in two new kindle books every month.
  2. I ‘pay myself first‘ by investing in 8 hours of sleep every day.
  3. I ‘pay myself first‘ by practicing to say ‘NO’ and focusing on what’s important for my growth.
  4. I ‘pay myself first‘ by exercising regularly.
  5. I ‘pay myself first‘ by being selective of my time towards the people I associate with.

Last year, I converted into a vegetarian after 27 years. It was an important decision because I invested in myself with the knowledge (I paid myself) by taking the time to watch a documentary called the Game changers. ‘I paid myself’ to acquire the knowledge that led me to change my diet from an animal-based protein to a plant-based diet. I have noticed a few changes in myself – my stamina has improved, my breakouts have limited. But, the point I am trying to make here is ‘if we pay ourselves’ to make the necessary changes in our lives, we better our situation for the future. And, I highly recommend watching the documentary Game Changers.

I am three months into my habit of going into the day with a plan or checklist of tasks that I try to accomplish. I organize my agenda on Notion and this has been implemented for both work and personal life. In this practice of mine, I have created two things: First – the habit of going into the day with a plan which I find to be a motivational factor and secondly – the idea of paying myself first – How? Well, I try to complete the most critical tasks of the day, the tasks I deliberate on, the tasks I leave till the end or defer because I just don’t feel like doing.

Having practiced this idea for a while, I’ve realized that ‘I pay myself first’ is a mentality that we all possess and if we apply this ideology not just towards our finances but other facets of our lives we could be saving time, improving our health both physically and mentally.

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Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

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