Staying productive at work

I am in the second rotation of my 2-year program as a graduate engineer, working in a “hands-on” engineering department. In a 7.5 hour shift, I’m allocated one-hour for my lunch break. I see this as an opportunity to reflect and learn and it is something I’ve been doing in my previous jobs.

Before COVID-19, I would spend these 60 minutes having lunch with a group of colleagues in the canteen. However, with the changing normality and the current measures of 2m distance, I now have my lunch in my car or much recently being introduced to an outdoor seating bench that I’d no clue about; an amazing revelation.

During my downtime, I have been experimenting with an idea called the Default activity. I have allocated this time in working towards my writing and exploring potential ideas on either:

  1. Writing a blog post
  2. Planning ideas for future video.
  3. Listening to a podcast

Initially, the way I was practising this was through my iPhone however, the flexibility to switch over from Notion to Instagram or any other social media was relatively easy and tempting. There were no layers of friction and added to my set-up cost of getting into the mindset of:

  1. Either writing again
  2. Or re-thinking my thought process for a potential video idea.

Hence, I decided to experiment with the tools I was using during these 60 minutes of my downtime. I exercised the use of my iPad.

While I’m writing this post, in this beautiful afternoon weather, sitting outdoor, I opened up my iPad and noticed the most critical difference in my set up. I had a more creative mindset because of the change in my environment and the tool I was using. I was adding value to my ideas and conceptualising them into potential videos or blog post.

In comparison to the iPhone, it provided the perception of consumption-based mindset.

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I am a writer and a graduate engineer working in Leicester, UK.

One thought on “Staying productive at work”

  1. Good use of importence of time….time is every thing you need make best use of it … moves on ….well done Good use of time.


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