My acceptance with saying YES

In a recent podcast episode, Derek Sivers highlighted his anecdotal experience of saying YES to his earlier career opportunities. This approach compounded overtime and provided him with a pool of opportunities as a singer.

As a graduate engineer, I have realised by saying YES I’ve strayed away from the concept of ‘ I need to know ‘x’ before I can do ‘y’. Instead, I’ve slowly started to adopt the mindset that I have enough to achieve ‘y’, I just need more time.

By practicing this approach, I found myself with increased opportunities at work and commitment towards my side hustle. And, as a result, I have noticed the following:

  • Opened communication which has enhanced my networking.
  • Working outside my comfort zone has opened doors to array of skills
  • Being adaptable and taking accountability of various projects.
  • Utilise my time efficiently.

I recently came across this statement and it fitted quite well with the idea of saying YES.

In this podcast, the speaker highlights that there are two kinds of people.

Window openers VS Door knockers.

  • Window openers – these individuals when deciding on what they could do with their time, they would like to see the desired outcome for their time behind the glass before opening the window.


  • Door knockers – these individuals who knock on the door without knowing the desired outcome. Door knockers open themselves to the world of opportunities and are open to learning from their experiences whether that is good or bad. They increase their surface area of learning and expose themselves to a newer skillset.

By combining both: A Door knocker chooses YES more often than they say YES.

I use this as a reminder, my default statement to approach any new opportunity and welcome the challenge it brings.

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I am a writer and a graduate engineer working in Leicester, UK.

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