Sharing three reflective thoughts from the book Storyworthy that I’ve implemented in my daily practice. The book is a personal account of many anecdotal experiences which the author shares in a captivating manner. Along, with strategies to become a better storyteller. One of which, I have already shared in a post called Homework for life.


The Dinner Test is a means to test your story at the dinner table before announcing to the world.

This could be in front of a stage, the boardroom, the sales conference. Express that particular story in front of your family members.

As a testing point, I have tried this on various occasions – creating a scene, engaging my family in a plot, heightening up the climax only to get mixed reactions at the end. Ultimately, this has been a working method that require much practice. So, I’m just going jot this down to work in progress.


“First,” “Last,” “Best,” and “Worst,” along with a column labelled “Prompts.” Along the left side of the page (the y-axis), the prompts are listed. The prompts are possible triggers for memories. What was your first kiss? What was your last kiss? What was your best kiss? What was your worst kiss?

As a system, I like to add and refer back to this table. And, the advantage of having such a system in Notion. I can write short snippets to which I can call upon whenever the need calls for it.


Instead of memorizing your story word-for-word, memorize three parts to a story: 1. The first few sentences. Always start strong. 2. The last few sentences. Always end strong. 3. The scenes of your story.

This compliments my blog post on the book called Superhuman: Social skill which is written by Tynan. I find the combination of using two methods as one to help me structure a story, especially when answering the all-important question at the end of my day – What was the story worthy moment of your day?

The basic structuring of the two methods has even assisted me in creating story based scripts for my Youtube channel – where I’m putting greater attention to B-roll clips as part of my buildup.

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